Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to Use GSA ( Search Engine Ranker )

Hey guys how are you? After a long period of time today I am back to post something new, yeah something new and exciting.. ;) Today we are going to tell you an amazing trick and software that can Make your Day out awesome.

yes I am not kidding, well have you ever heard about making Backlink with super cool robots? Well if No, or If Yes!! Indeed I am telling you.

GSA ( Search Engine Ranker )

GSA is a power full Search Engine Optimization SEO tool, which helps blogger to Rank there blogs and keywords easily, GSA is power full Search Engine Optimization SEO tools which just cost's only 99$ but don't go on price, because you might be thinking that many Search Engine Optimization SEO tools are often expensive then why this Ranker is so cheap, well even we don't know the Answer.! 

It's cool enough you get it in a lower price, so guys what I am going to let you know is that today I am sharing you a best trick that can make you easily make, How to Use GSA ( Search Engine Ranker ). 
Yes it's Easy as one two and three....!

Download GSA from it's own side, or just click the Link bellow.

Now follow the Steps to How to Use GSA ( Search Engine Ranker )

1- Install the GSA (Search Engine Ranker ) on your PC
2- After Installation open it, and again close it
3- This software with Demo will only work for 5 days but we will make it for unlimited days.
4- Now Go to C: directory
5- Go to Users
6- Now to the User Name ( Abdul Hanan) is my User name when I login to PC/ Laptop
7- Go into it, now what you have to do is go to properties and Enable hidden files
8- After the Hidden files are shown go to AppData
9- In AppData go to Roaming
10- In Roaming You will find GSA (Search Engine Ranker) folder open it
11- you will see a Config.ini file, click on it and go to it's properties
12- Go to Security Tab
13- Click on System and Edit button over there
14- Now click on Deny on the Full control 
That's all now Apply it and Press click on OK..! 

You are done now get out of the folders and Enjoy the GSA New version, wasn't that easy all? Want more exciting tricks? Subscribe us or Comment over here.. ;) 
Thanks for visiting sharing is caring.. :)
Posted by Abdul Hannan On 11:03 2 comments


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