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What is Search engine optimization (SEO) | How to start SEO | | important of SEO
Today I am going to start search engine optimization. IN SHA ALLAH I will explain about all tips m tricks of SEO So let’s summarize its

What is SEO?

Why SEO is important?

Objective | Target of SEO?

What is a role of (SEO) in the internet Marketing?

What are the categories of SEO?

What is the type of SEO?

 How to Start Complete SEO for Blog | Website?

how to start seo

So after you reading my tutorial you will able to answer the above question. And if you want to start Complete SEO for your blog | website So you can easily do it. so let’s start with the what is the SEO  

What is SEO?

Website owners recognize the value of having their website on the top of search engine results for the long time before it made the very large field of the SEO Wikipedia defines the term of SEO is that ‘the process of improving a visibility of the website or the web page in search engines like Google | Bing and ask via the natural or the unpaid (organic or algorithmic) in search results, in simple word that techniques and method to improve the visibility of website or pages. It uses the natural means to achieve the natural listings in the search engines and SEO is money so this is the most important for the SEO internet marketing.
where to start seo

Why SEO is important?

Website's or Blog success to depends on that how you define the SEO. Website without the new visitors is like the products that can be sold out or not achieve a Goal. So to achieve the desired visitors for your website or Blog so you need the proper integration of the SEO in Search engine. So remember that SEO is the key to achieving the top position is to provide the new visitors to the Website | blog on organic search lists.
The percentage of the clicks on a Google's dominant ecological leaves 85% of the remaining 15 % paid search and which is the vital SEO integration.

Why SEO is important for website or blog

Objective | Target of SEO?

SEO may target the different kinds of a search and including the image search, local search, new search, Academic Search and industry or you can say specific vertical search engines. So these areas are the directed to a website | blog what is called the web preference.

Objective | Target of SEO important's

 What is a role of (SEO) in the internet Marketing?

If there is an anything that considers that how the search engine works so that is SEO and the SEO also considers that what the people of search for their actual a search terms into the search engines and which search engines be preferred by their targeted an audience.

What is the role of (SEO) in internet Marketing?

What are the categories of SEO?

White Hat SEO

it refers to use of a natural SEO methods to achieve a desired results and this simply referred to as the Ethical SEO.

Black Hat SEO: 

This type is also referred to as the  spadexing. It uses the methods that to deplete the relevance of a search results. This type of the SEO is not for the long as the constant of search to find the Webpages that integrated to illegal or used as a unethical methods of the class.

white hat and black hat seo

What is the type of SEO?

2.       SEO analyses & Tools
3.      On-page SEO
4.      Off-page SEO
5.      Link building (backlink)
6.      Social media marketing 

What is the type of SEO like on n off page and backlinks

So it’s all about SEO. So later on I will explain step by step explaining all the above topics on my upcoming tutorials. If you have any problem in this tutorials you can feel free to ask me. And if you have any problem regarding SEO so you can also contact me
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